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Parent Like A Pro Series 1

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- Downloads of all 25 interviews (€120 value FREE)
- A private coaching call with Dr. Tina (priceless!)



"I’m a new parent to a 5 month old boy and wanted to thank you for putting together such a variety of voices all with inspiring, real and actionable advice and insights. I got connected to you as I’d signed up for Dana Oblemans emails and I have to say I half thought there would be some catch to this free seminar, ie. having to pay to find out the punch line, or listen for an hour before getting anything concrete... This is entirely the opposite. Thank you for the transparency in a new mom's very busy day!

I absolutely adore being a parent and am a rollercoaster of emotions, worrying how I can be the best mom to my son and best wife to my husband (Dr Jody’s talk on importance of connection and eye contact really hit home)

It feels really wonderful to now feel armed with some ways to set our little family up for success right from the start and I feel empowered to be the best mom I can be today and tomorrow and if I can remember to refer to all my notes, for many years to come.

Thank you so much for putting this all together and asking some really questions in the interviews." - Jo, Canada

"I just wanted to let you know how much I am enjoying this summit and to say a big heart felt thank you for organising this! I was pausing nearly every 5 minutes through your interview with Dr Vanessa yesterday to relay what I was hearing to my husband - pure gold and so eye-opening to us both.

The gifts are also pretty cool so thank you experts as well. 

I'm already feeling calmer and happier with this parenting gig which unsurprisingly is leading to a calmer and happier household. Although it will always have it's challenges, we are only human after all, I can't wait to see how we are as a family at the end of this.

Thank you again for bringing this to life and helping parents worldwide do the hardest job there is with more confidence, compassion and joy." - Tracy, Australia