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Sorry - this series has ENDED!
But if you want LIFETIME ACCESS to all the interviews, keep reading to find out how...

The expert interviews will play at their specified time each day, starting May 11th. If you’re like me, you won’t have the time to watch every interview the day they are released so they’ll be available as replays for 48 HOURS. I’ve made the entire Empowered Parent series available for download. 

I am committed to help you, that’s why I am giving you a BONUS. It is my 3-step Connect To Your Child And Understand Their World Course that uncovers the secret to  understanding kids and connecting to kids by understanding the way their brain develops. Remember Connection is Understanding. You need to understand their world first in order to connect with them and build beautiful relationships. Parents are creating relationships with their children, not vice versa. I personally guarantee that this course will make you a calmer and more patient parent IMMEDIATELY after you’ve done it. (Worth 397€)


What you will get?

  • You will OWN a digital copy of the ENTIRE Empowered Parent Series
  • Over 20+ interview trainings with the world’s renowned experts

3-step Connect To Your Child And Understand Their World Course (Worth 397€)

  • Part 1: Basic developmental truths about a child's brain.
  • Part 2: The developmental brain changes and the importance of early childhood years. Realize what an impact YOU have on your children and that all ADULT TRAUMAS are actually a trauma of a child. What Parents  can do to stimulate a good , healthy brain and WINNING, CONFIDENT, UNSTOPPABLE, FEARLESS and HAPPY MINDSET development. 
  • Part 3: The changes and transformation of the brain in adolescence. Get in-depth knowledge and support on how to understand and cope with adolescents. How to STOP viewing them as PROBLEMATIC. Imagine that you would see your child as nothing but a Blessing.
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